The grounds at Veterans Inc. are extensive, inviting and beautiful. The property itself is located on over 20 acres and the majority of that is your seat to the concert. A massive, elevated stage area means that you won't have any trouble seeing the performers and sound reinforcement by our professional engineer will provide audio to match.

What could be nicer than a lawn picnic with your family and hundreds (or thousands) of your new friends! Bring a cooler with your favorite food and beverage (no alcohol, please) and a blanket and/or chair for your comfort; if you prefer to lighten the load, food and beverage will be sold. Take advantage of free parking and a friendly group of volunteers to direct you and answer your questions.
Set off from the street, your children have the ability to play, and you can rest comfortably (in the end, however, they are your responsibility– we have to deal with the musicians).

As the concert goes on, you will be watching the sun set and, with it, the aggravations, distractions, exhaustion, commitments and hard work that made up your week. You've earned at least a few hours of relaxation; we hope you'll spend them with us.

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Swing at Sunset